P2P Turbo beta

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  • Sistema: w2000 wXP
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Increase the speed and efficiency of your P2P up to 600%.

P2P Turbo is a new, free program that works to optimize and accelerate the speed of your downloads and P2P programs. P2P Turbo will examine your system and your P2P network settings, precisely detecting bottlenecks that slow it down, and look for download nodes in other networks to try and unblock them. This way you are always assured of the best configuration. You can optimize your P2P connection by up to 600%. And the best is that the whole process is done with just one mouse click.

The most outstanding characteristics:

* Support for the majority of known P2P clients and for various types of networks and connections, from 56K to broadband and wireless.

* New P2P optimization technology.

* Simple and easy to use.

* Secure and completely free. P2P Turbo is 100% free of adware and spyware.


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